Cineyug as an entertainment company to me is like a family whether it is Mohomed Morani, Karim, Aly or Bunty Soorma and all the boys and girls who work with them work for them, I don’t think anybody works for them. I don’t think anybody works for them the company works together as a whole is one of the most professional units I have worked for for the last ten years , is one of the most high profile units that I have worked for for the last ten years and best part about Cineyug whether it is during event management or it is while producing a film I am sure I have not worked with them for a film as yet and I will one of these days but as far as there management is concerned as far as there approach to work is concern I can say one thing it is not about how well they manage something which is going right, how well they are doing something and making it look even better than it is how well they are able to collect a number of stars and actors and performers and musicians, singers and dancers under one roof with there respective ego’s and respective problems and being able to solve it but Cineyug is about how well they manage things wonderfully when things have gone wrong and I wish them all the best and I hope more and more work is done with Cineyug whether its me or people outside and I hope they remain the top most company in our country

Cineyug have been doing a number of shows now and I have always enjoyed working with them. They are the most experienced in Live Concerts, they really work hard on the show and its been a pleasure working with them.

I think Cineyug is absolutely fantastic to work with. They are extremely organized and very discipline in stage shows in India or abroad or my film Raja Hindustani that I worked with them they have really been extremely fantastic.

CINEYUG is a company with whom I have been associated ever since I was a child, It is India’s best company and known for putting up best shows in the Uk, Usa and Canada.

I have been doing shows with Cineyug since 1989that makes it 12 long years. I have never felt the need to even try out other company to do shows with and I have done hundreds of shows with them.

Every that they have organized or I have been to or I have worked on is extremely well sort out well planned with the correct amount of surprise in it the correct amount of method in it. Its really fun to watch an event organized by them.

Maine aaj tak zyada tar shows Cineyug ke sath hi kiya hai kyounki ye charo Ali, Karim, Bunty or Mohomed use to look after us during the stage shows kyunki hamare liye sab se important bat ye hoti hai jab hum stage shows karte hai India ke bahar, Mumbai ke bahar for Security is number one or jab hum Cineyug ke sath jate hai to hum bindas jate hai kyunki they are number one in doing that.

I think they are brilliant, they are best in the trade and they are where they are its been 18 years and 20 years. Goodwill galore they have, I am just willing to do anything for them and why not, whether its Filmfare, screen any award nite the Morani’s are very much there. Now its also heartening to see that the respective daughters are also getting into the same trade. It is so brilliant to see a family which is so focused and knows what it wants and have also achieved what they have to but Mohomed is still my favorite.

The first time I worked with them was on Filmfare awards where i performed. They made me feel very comfortable and it was great fun working with them, they keep encouraging you they have a great team. And it terms of Production value I don’t think that anybody can come even close to them because they have lights from abroad, Laser lights, they have hydraulic lifts and stuff which make the show look grand and as the show should look.

Mera to sabse pehla show Cineyug ke sath raha hai and Aly, Karim, Mohomed and ofcourse Bunty have been so supportive. Infact it was very exciting to be doing their show because they never made me feel that it was my first show and infact they were more anxious about it than I was and in one use to keep coming and telling me after every five minutes not to be scared and this and that. Its been a great and very very friendly association.

According to me they are definitely on top of the listing of entertainment companies and management companies today. Its been a great association with them they have been very positive, they have been very efficient in whatever they have done the way they have done shows they have managed shows, the way they carry themselves, the way they look after the artists the way they respective the artists. I feel its very important to maintain a healthy relationship between an organization and an artists and I thing they have done it to the optimum.